VPN without strangers.

The only multi-hop VPN built for privacy and security on your infrastructure.
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Supported Providers

Create a multi-hop VPN using
nodes on any of the following providers

Your Network Operation Center.

Network Builder
Easily design your own network with complete control over the provider
and location of each node.
Noc VPNs are intended to be self-destructing in order to increase your anonymity online.
Audit Log
Gain complete oversign over how your VPNs are used within your app in a digestable activity feed.
Push Button Deployment
Deploy or destroy any network with a push of a button. All networks are controlled directly by your phone, not our servers.
Vault Browser
Change your percieved IP address and client information by using a browser that is located on your VPN entrance node.
Completely Private
Completely control who access your VPN and have oversight on who and how it's used. In cybersecurity, stranger danger is real.
Automatically connect your apple devices to your VPN.
What is Device Continuity?
When you download the Mac OS and iOS app on your respective devices you will be able to launch and setup networks on both devices with a click of a button.
What if I don't have my own provider accounts?
noc is launching our own proprietary network in the coming months. Once we have launched you will be able to set up your own private servers on our infrastructure.
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